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At some of our Cream Tea Venues, it may also be possible to have our Butlers attend to help serve you.

In these more public venues they will be wearing trousers and a waistcoat - as here.

If this may be of interest to you - look at the Butler Option Page

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We try to offer options to make YOUR event just that little bit more memorable and appreciate that not all parties start with, or are fuelled by alcohol.

Hence, one of the options that we deliver around the country is that of a Life Drawing event combined with a sumptuous Cream tea.

We began researching this delightful option back in 2009 and since early 2010, our London regional office began testing its popularity.

Such has been the success of our CREAM / AFTERNOON  TEAS that since 2012, we have been making them available across the UK (where suitable) to all our groups.

This most enjoyable “add on” provides an additional level of quality to your event - by enabling the group to luxuriate in a traditional English Cream Tea - before or after your Life Drawing Event.

Again, as the content of this option varies across the country, please let us know as early as possible if you would like this “add on” so that we can design your event around a venue that will provide Cream Teas.

Just like our Life Drawing events themselves - a little Cream Tea can be just a little Naughty - but NICE. We can even arrange for one of our appropriately attired Butlers to serve you your Cream Tea _ just ask for availability.

N.B. - If you have a venue that provides Cream / Afternoon Teas and you would like to work with us - please let us know.

You might like to think about delivering a further lift to your event by adding an option for Bubbly (Click).

Please use this link to find out more about having Bubbly added as an option to your Life drawing event. Please use this link to find our more about our BUTLER oprions. Tantalising Cream Teas - are but ONE of the QUALITY options that we are able to deliver across the UK - making our Life Drawing Events even more memorable!