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Tel: +44(0)1793 485 150  Mob:+44(0)7769 694 994 Hen And Stag me uk
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Our fun, enjoyable and very memorable Life Drawing events include not only a very attractive (Nude) Model/Tutor (or model expert) and all the art equipment that you’ll need, - but also great City Centre Venues across the UK.

These vary from location to location, - some are Hotels, some Clubs. In some large metropolitan centres, we work with a number of venues to deliver variety and so - hopefully, may even be able to be close to your hotel or restaurant etc.

As we have teams of Models / Tutors across the country, they frequently travel to more remote locations - (Holiday Homes / Parks / Private accommodation etc) provided that they meet our criteria for suitability and safety.

Over the years we have been delivering these events, we have built up strong relationships with a growing number of (suitable) holiday homes around the country and would be delighted to share their details with you.

These include an ever growing number of “unusual” options - even including a specialist company that runs Narrow Boat Holidays for groups such as yours! - And we are adding to that list all the time!!


So, with “Venues” we are able to offer you four options:-

  1. Our standard offering is based on our network of City Centre Venues around the whole of the UK.
  2. It is often possible for us to provide venues in more remote towns or even villages.
  3. Some groups will secure city centre properties from where they will travel to their various events. Some of them may be suitable for us to deliver our events in. (Subject to size and safety conditions).
  4. Finally, an increasing number of groups are renting “rural retreats” as the base for their events. Subject to these being suitable, we’re usually able to have our expert Model/Tutor(s) travel out to you!

N.B. Options 2,4 MAY add further costs to cover travel charges etc.

Provided that they meet requirements, - we are delighted to deliver our events in your home / Holiday Hire etc - just contact us for details. City Centre venues across the entire UK are provided as an integral part of our packages.